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 Player Versus Player(PVP) Rules

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Player Versus Player(PVP) Rules Empty
PostSubject: Player Versus Player(PVP) Rules   Player Versus Player(PVP) Rules EmptyTue Jan 10, 2012 3:54 pm

The rules are simple Gods:

1. Always stay near the party and the bishop!

2. Always play with assists of the party leader!

3. When you are in a party with a bishop,and you died just wait and the bishop will res you.Don't go village,except if the bishop dies and he isn't on salvation.

4. When our clan lose in a pvp NEVER leave the party because of that. Go heal rebuff fast and wait for orders and ready to PVP again!

5. If you are invited in a pvp party you must hear the party's or clan's leader orders.

6. If you are invited in a pvp party and you want to go AFK,just leave the party.

7. If you play on a tank,you always must use aggressions skills to support our healers.

8. If you are a bishop the only thing you must do is when you res someone nobles him fast,and never use berserker spirit buff!

9. When there is a party vs party you must hit first the enemy bishop, then the overlords, and then the damage dealers(DDs) like spellhowlers etc, except if there is a weak bishop with low grade armors like s grade or dynasty etc etc just kill him first and then the stronger. ~IMPORTANT~

10. When you are in a PVP zone and you see a red aura, try to avoid being near because this cancels all your songs/dances.

11. When you are in a PVP party never go AFK, or if it's important do it fast, and before you do it just inform the party.

12. When the party or clan leader says to regroup, you must do it fast, otherwise you will lose because u wont be on the pvp quick.
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Player Versus Player(PVP) Rules
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