Here you can make an application for Gods clan so we can see if you are qualify to join us.
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PostSubject: Secteezy-Application   Secteezy-Application EmptyWed Dec 05, 2012 4:54 am

Name: Secteezy
Classes: Dreadnought Main(subs:Duelist,Spectral Dancer,Pheonix Knight)
Certis: Duelist-Boost Cp, Spectral Dancer:Enchanter Shield,Phoenix Knight:Boost defence
Real Name: Alex
Hours i play: about 7-8 hours a day
Age: 18(1 month till 19)
Country,Timezone: England,UK BST=GMT+1
Dyes in oly: Con +4 dex-4
Skills: i have played a lot l2 till now,so i think that i have much l2 experience to satisfy you people
Why i want to join: because i would really like to play with some experience people and have some PvP,Farm,and RB activity together,cause being a mostly team player,i can't stand being alone in a game
Previous Clans,classes:i have played a lot of servers,5 times official,and a hell lot of high rates.I mostly play Dominator,Dreadnought,Duelist and Mystic Muse,also been hero 2 times Dreadnought,1 dominator,and 1 mystic muse(all of them at high rated servers,but crowded enough)
Eng level: 10/10
TS3 and Mic:Yes,both
Can i play as team:of course,thats why i make players that mostly support team,as i said before,im a team player Smile
Can i hear orders: of course i can,and i would never bitch on a clan about anything,
Can i login in clan forum daily : yes,i can
What i want from this clan: all i want is PvP and raid activity,on which i guarantee i will do my best to support fellow clan members
Who asked me to join: noone,i just saw a clan owning,and i thought i should be on that clan!
Will I respect all members the same: Absolutely,from leader to academy member,im not going to bitch on any fellow clan member

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PostSubject: Re: Secteezy-Application   Secteezy-Application EmptyWed Dec 05, 2012 5:08 am

accepted pm xdolordepainx ingame

You PAIN ! They lOve!?:/ [img width=640 height=400][/img]
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