Here you can make an application for Gods clan so we can see if you are qualify to join us.
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 Clan Aplication

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PostSubject: Clan Aplication   Clan Aplication EmptyThu Dec 06, 2012 7:51 am

1)What's your name ingame?: Sze
2)Which are your classes/subclasses: Necromancer / Hierophant , fortune seeker , shillien templar
3)What certification skills you use?: Barrier - Ressist Trait - Ressist Critical
4)What's your real name?: Carvi
5)How many hours do you play every day?: 10 hours or more
6)How old are you?: 24
7)Which is your Country,Timezone?: indonesia , GMT +7
8)What dyes you use in Olympiads?: +4 Wit -4 Men, +4 Con - 4 str , +1 Wit - 1 Men.
9)How are your skills in lineage2?: not really good... ever been a hero of sagi.. but i try to playing necromancer.. Very Happy.
10)Why you want to join us?: Looking for new friends , team for Epic Jewel's , and a nice team for pvp Very Happy
11)What was your previous servers,players,clans,class?: Official L2 Gracia patch ( about 5 years ago ) and L2 Equanimity , im playing Sagitarius and Cardinal on HellriderS clan.
12)What's your English level: not really good
13)Do you have TS3 installed and microphone?: no
14)Can you play as a team?: yes
15)Can you hear the orders from leaders/sub leaders?: it must be Very Happy
16)Can you login in clan forum daily?: no
17)What you want from the clan?: a good comunity
18)Who asked you to join this clan?: no one
19)Will you respect all the clan members the same?: all clan member is my familly Very Happy
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Clan Aplication
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