Here you can make an application for Gods clan so we can see if you are qualify to join us.
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PostSubject: LUMINARY aaaa   LUMINARY aaaa EmptyThu Dec 20, 2012 7:49 am

1) Luminary
2) C: HE, SC: Destro, Paladin, Th
3) I just start to do it now.
4) Damian
5) about 4 hours
6) 19
7) Poland +1
Cool -
9) You'll see. I was playing many years, on C3, c4, c5, interlude, kamael. I'm coming back through 3 years brake and im little confused still.
10) I like RainStorm bottom -,-
11) Do you think i rememer it? I'm playing in L2 about 7 years with little brake. I was playing one year on White Eagle, polish pvp server
12) communicative, im going to visit Norawy in holidays with looking for a job.
13) c'mon, Would you like to talk with me in english? My granny sleeps near me, she must has a peace. But yes, i have ts.
14) We'll see
15) Probably yes, im good soldier -,-
16) rather yes
17) Have a fun, talk, i play for fun ONLY
18) ???
19) Yes, but woman place is in the KITCHEN !!!
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