Here you can make an application for Gods clan so we can see if you are qualify to join us.
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 Application Circe SS

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PostSubject: Application Circe SS   Application Circe SS EmptyWed Dec 26, 2012 4:34 pm

1)What's your name ingame?:Circe (most famous witch in Greek mythology Wink)
2)Which are your classes/subclasses:Storm Screamer
3)What certification skills you use?:spirit,barrier,casting,def lvl 6
4)What's your real name?:George
5)How many hours do you play every day?:2-10 (depends on my work)
6)How old are you?:30
7)Which is your Country,Timezone?:Greece utc +2
8)What dyes you use in Olympiads?:CON+4 STR-4,INT+4 MEN-4,WIT+4 MEN-4
9)How are your skills in lineage2?:I had years to play but i think i'm ok.
10)Why you want to join us?:You look very organised and active and i like it!
11)What was your previous servers,players,clans,class?:L2 official many years ago for about 3 years and 2-3 unofficial servers after that but i don't remember them now,tehgamers was the 1 i think.(A little rusty but remember fast) Wink
12)What's your English level:7/10
13)Do you have TS3 installed and microphone?:I have already download TS3 but no mic for now,i'm on vacations,after 5/1 i will.
14)Can you play as a team?:Yes
15)Can you hear the orders from leaders/sub leaders?:Yes,i'm a soldier man!
16)Can you login in clan forum daily?:Yes
17)What you want from the clan?:Support in pvp,raids,fun and mutual respect Smile
18)Who asked you to join this clan?:I was looking for clan i think Dolor pm me
19)Will you respect all the clan members the same?:Mutual respect as i said Smile
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Application Circe SS
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